mob area: TH, The Tabaxi Wilds
mob name: tabaxi priest cat
mob look: The tabaxi priest prepares for the daily rituals of his religion.
mob desc: The epitomy of evil, this creature stands over seven feet tall. A shiny, black
coat devoid of any variation in color or blemishes glistens on his muscular frame.
Deep red eyes dart back and forth searching for something to sacrifice to an
unknown god. A black serrated blade hangs on his hip, a clawed hand split
seconds from its ebony hilt. A silver medallion outlined in gold hangs on a
chain of black tongues around this beast's neck, one sharp claw gently tracing
the pattern etched therein.
A tabaxi priest is in an excellent condition.
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added: by Helxen , 21.12.2001 15:09 MSK