mob area: TH, The Tabaxi Wilds
mob name: tabaxi lord cat leader
mob look: The lord of the tabaxi stands here performing a sacrificial ritual.
mob desc: A black robe and cowl shrouds this massive, seven and a half foot tall humanoid
with the head of a leopard. He stands majestically above a blackened alter. In
his muscular hands are the intestines of some small game he has gutted. Strange
incantations can be heard coming softly from between his clenched jaw as his free
hand creates images with fine silver powder in the air. A golden hilt can be
seen tucked into a shadowy belt at his waist. Strange wristbands with droplets
of blood immersed in flames complete the visage of this hellish foe of the living.
The tabaxi lord is in an excellent condition.
comments: aggro
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added: by Helxen , 21.12.2001 15:12 MSK