mob area: TH, The Tabaxi Wilds
mob name: tabaxi guard warrior cat
mob look: A cat warrior looks alertly around, ready to guard the area.
mob desc: A black baldric bearing the insignia of its lord announces this large cat
as a protector of its land. A black hilt of bamboo can be seen jutting
from beneath an ebony cape on its back. Spiked wristbands glean with a
deadly poison on their tips. Matching ankle guards adorn the creature's
legs. Alert black eyes scan the surroundings anxiously searching for an
unsuspecting visitor or anything that might be out of place. In its
entire splendor, this is a creature trained to bring death.
A tabaxi guard is in an excellent condition.

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added: by Myrtle , 21.12.2001 19:29 MSK