mob area: SS, Ravenloft
mob name: demon gelugon
mob look: With a blast the black rock explodes, and a gelugon steps forth from Hell.
mob desc: The gelugon is easily taller than the castle, and is an abomination of
unspeakable horror. It's roughly the shape of a gargoyle, with thick
green hide and black claws and teeth. The body is riddled with wounds
and scars that ooze a black ichor, and as spittle from its mouth hits the
ground it sizzles and melts the rock. The demon's eyes are red with hate,
and its growl shakes the mountains as it prepares to destroy the world
starting with you.
A gelugon is in an excellent condition.
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added: by Mace , 22.12.2001 15:27 MSK