mob area: SS, Ravenloft
mob name: maid Babette
mob look: Babette searches the room for a replacement heart.
mob desc: The downstairs maid is now a fairly well preserved revenant. Her flesh
is only slightly pale, and there is no smell of decay emanating from her
body. Babette has blond hair and hazel eyes, and still wears her
uniform. Babette is missing the center of her chest however. A large
gaping hole opens a few inches below her neck and runs completely though
her. Muscle and fat hang limply in the wound, but her heart, lungs, and
many of her ribs are missing. She moves about trying to clean the room
and babbles to herself about getting a new heart.
Babette is in an excellent condition.
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added: by Mace , 22.12.2001 15:30 MSK