mob area: SS, Ravenloft
mob name: natasha angel woman
mob look: A beautiful angel gleams with a heavenly brilliance.
mob desc: The spirit of Natasha Markov lives on as this creature of light. The
angel looks exactly as the woman did in life. The angel is just over
five feet tall with long black hair that runs down in silky waves to the
middle of its back. The angel has a small, round face with large green
eyes that comfort and soothe you with a glance. Raven's wings extend
from the angel's back and curl around its body for protection when not in
flight. After regarding you for a moment, Natasha turns away and begins
to sob.
Natasha is in an excellent condition.
comments: Not aggr, summons up to 5 guardian spirits that assist
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added: by Mace , 22.12.2001 15:34 MSK