mob area: SS, Ravenloft
mob name: father Alecsander count ghost
mob look: *The transparent ghost of Count Alecsander howls madly!
mob desc: Count Alecsander von Zelkham is a large ghost. The ghost is nearly seven
feet tall and appears to be almost solid. The Count is dressed in a
black suit with a flowing red cape. In the center of his chest is a
large wound that bleeds profusely before your eyes. A bitter cold emanates
from the apparition that causes your breath to steam up, and your teeth
to rattle. A strange fire burns within Alecsander's eyes and he lets out
an insane cackle as he realizes that something alive is in the room.
Count Alecsander's ghost is in an excellent condition.
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added: by Mace , 22.12.2001 15:53 MSK