mob area: TH, Valley of the Great Ones
mob name: Nath being man
mob look: A large, pupil-less being stands here awaiting further instructions.
mob desc: This Great One appears as a jet-black-skinned human with blonde hair and
pupil-less silver eyes. He wears a silver chain mail of delicate design,
covered by an open robe of azure silk. A golden crown set with black opals
sits on his head. His overly large arms reach far beyond his waiste while
his grotesque looking hands seem to be missing a few digits.
Nath-Horthat is in an excellent condition.

You attempt to peek at the inventory:
the lost bible of Nyarlathotep
comments: You recite a scroll of identify which dissolves.
You feel informed:
Object 'bible lost', Item type: TREASURE
Item is: NOBITS
Weight: 4, Value: 50000

The lost bible of Nyarlathotep is a large and quite heavy volume bound in aged
leather with golden writing on the cover. As you turn to the first page you
notice the following passage. "To find the hidden city, one must enter his
dreams without fear. Once there, he must be willing to face his own nightmares.

items found:

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