mob area: SS, Barovia
mob name: woman seer hag gypsy
mob look: A gnarled, wrinkled old hag eyes you suspiciously.
mob desc: The seer is a tiny old woman of many, many years. Her skin is tough and
wrinkled, and there is only one lonely tooth in her smile. Her hands are
the only part of her body that look strong and able. She has long, thin
fingers with large nails at the ends. There is a sparkle in this woman's
eye as you look at her, and her voice is strong and sure despite her
age. The seer wears thick black robes that cover her almost completely,
and around her neck hangs the preserved eye of some unfortunate beast.
The gypsy seer is in an excellent condition.
comments: area proc, задевает всех игроков в комнате, не действует на мобов.
items found: glinting shield of silver

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added: by Helxen , 26.12.2001 09:22 MSK