mob area: SS, Settlestone
mob name: dwarf apprentice magus
mob look: A studious-looking dwarf grimly tries to keep floating in the air.
mob desc: This young dwarf is trying his hardest to live up the expectations of his
master, the Grand Magus. His current feat of levitation is taking almost
all of his concentration, as you can see by his furrowed brow and tightly
closed eyes. His legs are crossed and his arms are held stiffly at his
side, holding his robes up off the ground. He is turning an interesting
shade of purple and you realize that he's holding his breath the entire
The apprentice Magus is in an excellent condition.
items found: mysterious looking spellbook.
sticky spellbook
black staff
scratched red spellbook
ethereal spellbook
magenta spellbook
prussian blue spellbook
moss green spellbook
bright white spellbook

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added: by Falsra , 26.12.2001 13:20 MSK