mob area: TH, Orc Mines
mob name: digal orc chief
mob look: (Red Aura)An old orc in warn green robes is sitting on his thone.
mob desc: The green skinned chief has a long white beard. He wears green robes
that are covered in dirt and dust. The orc looks strong, having a wide
upper body and short stout legs. The small patch of white hair on the top
of his head is infested with lice. He is smoking a long metal pipe that
has an unusual smell. Bloodshot yellow eyes are encrusted with crunchy
yellow gook.
The digal clan chief has quite a few wounds.
comments: aggro, 'dispel evil' only, summons miners
items found: shattered bone gauntlets

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added: by Ferrum , 26.12.2001 17:07 MSK