mob area: AH, The Tundra
mob name: gem guardian statue
mob look: A gem statue of a dwarven warrior keeps watch on the pass to the west.
mob desc: Composed of five large gems, the statue has a unique appearance. Its
limbs are constructed of the same gems found on the archway. The head of
the dwarf is comprised of a diamond, with each arm and leg represented by
one of the remaining gems. Its body is a unique blend of all five stones
in a swirling pattern that meets at the heart.
The Gem Guardian is in an excellent condition.
comments: non aggro, solid, 15Mln(115k gold), proc pushes downwards: The Gem Guardian knocks CHAR_NAME over with a mighty kick, sending her sliding off the archway. The Gem Guardian kicks your legs, causing you to slip and fall from the archway.
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added: by Mind , 29.12.2001 15:02 MSK