mob area: AH, Aisholm
mob name: Leah witch store
mob look: Leah the Witch sells the best magical items in Thule. Leah the Witch glows with a bright light!
mob desc: Leah is in her fifties, halfway between looking like anybody's mother
and anybody's grandmother. Her hair is bound in a braid, and this
knotted into a bun, yet some strands manage to escape. She wears the
shapeless brown dress of a farmwife, but used to be one of the best
spellcasters known to both Cleric and Mage Guilds. Leah has been retired
from the use of magic for many years: she gave up her powers when she got
married, as was required by her particular order. Now she sells potions
and scrolls, and watches over the students. She laughs at those students
who try to go faster than they can, and comforts the ones who feel like
they shall never learn.
Leah the Witch is in an excellent condition.
comments: selling magic and alchemist's items
items found: ivy green spellbook
cobalt blue spellbook
ivory spellbook
ornamental shield
pair of white leather sleeves
small turquoise ring
pair of white scaly gloves
aquamarine stone
apothecary's spellbook
sky blue spellbook
obsidian spellbook
cranberry red spellbook
crimson spellbook

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added: by Ferrum , 29.12.2001 22:01 MSK