mob area: AH, Aisholm
mob name: Allie mapmaker auctioneer
mob look: Allie Skartaris will auction any items you wish to get rid of.
mob desc: Aloysius Skartaris followed the steps of his father, and of his father's
father, and of the last eighteen Skartaris firstborns. His father has
been the official mapmaker for king Granitecrusher for many years now,
and Allie hopes to be the next Mapmaker. He has been sent to Aisholm
to create new maps for Thule, which will be added to the royal collection.
Since he cannot travel through such dangerous places by himself, he has
joined Lormodriel and Carina to recruit adventurers who will accompany
them. Meanwhile, he makes a living by auctioning any items that the people
of Aisholm wish to sell. Like all dwarves, he is almost as wide as he is
tall. He is clean shaven, and has a bowl haircut more common in human
apprentices than in dwarf journeymen. His brown eyes shine with delight
when he listens to the tales of the places you have visited. He is in
his shirtsleeves, but does not seem to be bothered by the cold.
Allie the auctioneer is in an excellent condition.
comments: selling items
items found: red apple
olive potion

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added: by Ferrum , 29.12.2001 22:05 MSK