mob area: AH, Aisholm
mob name: Lormodriel elf med
mob look: The elf Lormodriel will teach you how to use your mind to control your body.
mob desc: Lormodriel, a journeyman mapmaker, has wanted to create new maps for the
continent of Thule for some time. When he saw that Thule was too dangerous
to travel alone, he joined Allie and Carina to recruit adventurers who
would help them. He is very tall and slim, even for an elf. His white
hair is in serious need of a haircut, as some strands reach to his waist
while others barely brush his shoulders. His eyes seem to change color,
sometimes blue, sometimes grey, and occasionally a startling green. He
is wearing woolen clothes, with only a light jacket, and uses his mental
powers to keep away most of the cold.
Lormodriel the meditative is in an excellent condition.
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added: by Ferrum , 29.12.2001 22:06 MSK