mob area: AH, Aisholm
mob name: snow vixen cat
mob look: A small white cat-like creature with long whiskers stands on top of the snow.
mob desc: This wily little cat is lithe enough to run across the surface of the snow
without sinking. It allows her to run quickly and not get bogged down in
the depths. Her soft fur is perfectly white with no imperfections and she
peers around intently with dark brown eyes. Small retractable claws and a
sharp set of teeth provide ample defense against the creatures she cannot
outrun. As you approach, she hisses once and bounds away.
A small snow vixen is in an excellent condition.

a small snow vixen is using:
held a golden spellbook
items found: golden spellbook

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added: by Ferrum , 29.12.2001 22:26 MSK