mob area: AH, Aisholm
mob name: Tanalis mage guild aisholm
mob look: Tanalis is writing a long document in a flowery hand. Tanalis the guildmage glows with a bright ligh
mob desc: Tanalis is a thin wisp of a man, it would be easy not to notice him at
all if he wasn't constantly grumbling. A fringe of greying hair that
used to be black surrounds a bald skull, and his expression seems to
be fixed into one of perpetual distaste. His robe sits badly over
narrow shoulders and trails on the floor, in general suggesting that
it was inherited from someone several sizes bigger. Sent by the Guild
of Mages to study the spells known by Aisholm's giant shaman, Tanalis
was not happy to be rebuffed. Now he spends his time writing long
letters to the Grand Mistress and Archmage, complaining about Vicerius'
Tanalis the guildmage is in an excellent condition.
comments: guildmaster
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added: by Ferrum , 29.12.2001 23:17 MSK