mob area: AH, The Clipper
mob name: wheel spinner gambler fat man
mob look: A rotound man is here waiting to spin a wheel.
mob desc: The master of the gaming table stands here before you with dark bushy
eyebrows and a sweaty bald pate. He glances nervously around and wipes
at his brow with a sodden handkerchief.
A gambler is in an excellent condition.
comments: You ARE mad!

Wheel ranges from 1-60
1,2,59,60 pays triple
3,4,57,58 pays double
5,6,55,56 pays even
7-10 51-54pays half
Everything else means you lose.

bet 1000
The wheel stopped on 35.
You give a gambler some gold coins.
A gambler tells you 'Want to play some more?'
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added: by Ferrum , 30.12.2001 16:08 MSK