mob area: Lyme, Ch'ung Kuo
mob name: evil destroyer Kung Kung
mob look: Kung Kung, the evil one-horned destroyer, stands here statue-like.
mob desc: Kung Kung's body is a vision of absolute horror. It has a long
serpent-like neck with a forty foot tail. His back is arched like a
turtle and covered in reflecting black scales. He has four muscular front
arms with enormous fists and shiny ivory claws. Two large hind legs
support Kung Kung's massive structure when he stands, and his wide feet
cause the ground quiver when he steps. Kung Kung's head is in the shape
of a bird with a large horn placed on top.
Kung Kung the Destroyer is in an excellent condition.
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added: by Falsra , 30.12.2001 23:35 MSK