mob area: Lyme, Ch'ung Kuo
mob name: rain priest Ch'ih Sung tzu Lord
mob look: Ch'ih Sung-tzu, the Lord of the Rain stands here on a cloud formation.
mob desc: The Lord of the Rain, Ch'ih Sung-tzu is a healthy looking man with a
muscular physique and silver hair. He is dressed in yellow scale-armour
and a red and yellow headdress. As the rain priest of Mount K'un lun,
Ch'ih Sung-tzu's focus is on creating ample precipitation for the area's
climate. In his left hand he holds a clay pot, from which he scatters
water into the wind with a ruby-hilted short sword.
Ch'ih Sung-tzu is in an excellent condition.

items found: tome of restorative remedies

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