mob area: TH, Deemones
mob name: deemonee slug caterpillar cat
mob look: An enormous slug chews the rock, enlarging the lair.
mob desc:
The rock-eating deemonee may be somewhere near seven foot long, stretched.
It is curled upon itself, the head and tail sticking out as it devours the
rock that forms the deemonee lair. Its thick body is hairy like that of a
caterpillar, tapered like a slug. The head has a beak surrounded by a host
of tentacles of different sizes and shapes. Some of these seem to be used
to grab loose rocks and to support itself, others as feelers. The deemonee
seems to be a lot more interested in rocks than in things that move.
A caterpillar-like deemonee is in an excellent condition.
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added: by Dan , 31.12.2001 01:13 MSK