mob area: SS, Southern Settlestone
mob name: gnome guardian
mob look: A gigantic gnome stands here guarding the entrance to the Underdark. The gnome guardian glows with a
mob desc: Standing an amazing ten feet tall, this gray-skinned gnome has been
stretched out of all proportion by some evil magic. He has a mere
loincloth covering his grotesque body and an eye-patch covering one eye.
He has imposed exile upon himself, away from the other gnomes, so that
no-one will see his hideousness. His self-appointed task is to guard the
Underdark from those who should not enter. To that end, he carries a huge
club in his gnarled right hand and it looks like he can use it.
The gnome guardian is in an excellent condition.
comments: permasanced
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added: by Ferrum , 31.12.2001 12:30 MSK