mob area: TH, Thalassas
mob name: priest choirmaster
mob look: The choirmaster is selecting songs in a book. The choirmaster glows with a bright light!
mob desc: The choirmaster is not bald, he simply has a very high forehead, so high
that it covers his whole head except for a fringe of black hair. He wears
a light blue tunic, and over it a long vest in dark blue velvet. The clasps
holding the vest closed at his waist are silver, shaped like musical
notes. His dark blue slippers match the vest, and are embroidered in
silver, with the same design as the clasps. He is using strips of cloth
to mark songs in a big book.
The choirmaster is in an excellent condition.
comments: wandering, dispellable
items found: blue velvet vest

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added: by Ferrum , 04.01.2002 13:55 MSK