mob area: TH, Upper Thalassas
mob name: dwarf ambassador settlestone 'p'
mob look: The dwarven ambassador moves from group to group hunting for gossip.
mob desc: The ambassador from Settlestone is one of the most veteran and respected
members of Thalassas' diplomatic community. The ability of his chef is
legendary; some of the pastries served today will come from his gifted
hands. His hair is more salt than pepper, his beard almost white. He
wears a broad diagonal sash over his light clothing, with a short, strange
sword at the right hip and decorations on the band itself. The decorations
include several for military exploits and a Thalassan Order of Civil Merit.
The sword is tied to its sheath with a white string, making it a ceremonial
prop, although a useful one.
The ambassador from Settlestone is in an excellent condition.
comments: wandering
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added: by Ferrum , 04.01.2002 21:20 MSK