mob area: TH, Upper Thalassas
mob name: dwarf ambassador mountain
mob look: A dwarven dignitary weaves his way among the crowd.
mob desc: Like most dwarves, he is short and stocky, with the general look and
demeanor of a small, stubborn, brown, moving rock. He wears his hair
short and his long beard braided. His clothing is cotton, light and
comfortable, but patterned to look like leather. He wears a wide sash
hung with decorations, among them the Thalassan Order of Civil Merit.
A double-headed axe hung at his back has been tied to its sheath with
a white string, signifying that he does not intend to draw it. When he
encounters the ambassador from Settlestone, those who do not know better
wait for an explosion that will not come.
The ambassador from Dwarven Mountain is in an excellent condition.
comments: wandering
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added: by Ferrum , 04.01.2002 21:22 MSK