mob area: TH, Upper Thalassas
mob name: diabolan ambassador
mob look: (Red Aura)The diabolan ambassador relishes the wide berth other guests grant him.
mob desc: The subdits of Diabolus, in the frozen lands, might be even more unpopular
than the drow. The dark elves are respected for their magic and healing
skills, while diabolans are seen as a ragtag band of bloodthirsty crazies
by every other species and kingdom. Their ambassador, sent specially for
the coronation of Altanne, looks like a caricature of the clan, with his
sharp features and ever-moving eyes. His pale skin has been burned by the
sun of Thalassas, leaving him more red than white. He wears several rings
with strange designs, all of them in some black metal. His black clothes
may be extremely comfortable in Thule, but in this warm land he looks like
he is about to drown in his own sweat.
The ambassador from Diabolus is in an excellent condition.
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added: by Ferrum , 04.01.2002 21:54 MSK