mob area: TH, Upper Thalassas
mob name: tree elf ambassador
mob look: An elven dignatary sits at his desk, writing.
mob desc: The elven ambassador is one of the visitors who have been provided with
rooms in the Royal Palace for the duration of the coronation ceremonies.
Thalassas' first contact with Niebelung took place through the dwarves,
and this has prevented any of the elven kingdoms from keeping a permanent
embassy in the Town of the Sea. The ambassador looks like he will enjoy
the delicacies of Thalassan cuisine greatly: for an elf, he is almost fat.
The original color of his hair is hidden by several streaks of dyes, most
in unnatural shades. He wears enough lace and embroidery for a bride's
dress, competing for space on his velvet coat and breeches.
The elf ambassador is in an excellent condition.
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