mob area: TH, Tell Makor
mob name: holy presence
mob look: A certainty of great power makes its presence known.
mob desc: Only one thing is clear about the size and shape of this creature, and that
is its immensity. No part of the waters or the air here are left undisturbed
by its immediate presence. Although it cannot be seen directly, its effects
can; the air temperature around it drops noticeably by at least thirty
degrees, forcing condensed mists to fall off of it in slow motion. It has
no noticeable human shape, but instead is very amorphous.
A holy presence is in an excellent condition.

You attempt to peek at the inventory:
a vial of mercury
comments: nostab, solid, can flee, 400k exps, no corpse after kill
items found:

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added: by Ferrum , 05.01.2002 02:42 MSK