mob area: TH, Forest of Aaost
mob name: 2:vicious avian jrontaun scout
mob look: A jrontaun scout viciously attacks!
mob desc: The avian scouts are bonded to intercede intruders previous to the entrance to the Kingdom of Jrontauq. They resemble all other jrontauns, with their small heads and thorn-shaped beaks on long flexible necks. Like others, this one has a large body that blurs downwards to dwarf-like legs and hook-nailed claws. His feet point outwards as he drags them across
branches when he walks.
A vicious avian scout is in an excellent condition.

a vicious avian scout is using:
wielded a sharp dusty branch
comments: aggro
items found: sharp dusty branch

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added: by Mind , 08.01.2002 23:45 MSK