mob area: SS, The Maw
mob name: cograph explorer
mob look: A cograph explorer scans around for his leader.
mob desc: The cograph explorer once wore top quality gear for an expedition. The
tattered remains of this gear barely hang on him, and the holes expose his
emaciated body. The cograph patch dangles from the remains of the pack
that he now carries on one shoulder. The light on his helmet is missing
the candle and the mirror used to focus the light is cracked. His blood-
shot eyes show the total lack of sleep and more than a bit of anger over
his predicament.
A cograph explorer is in an excellent condition.
comments: wandering, can sneak, solid, nostab, 250k exps
items found: large soaked sponge

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added: by Ferrum , 08.01.2002 23:58 MSK