mob area: TH, Valley of the Great Ones
mob name: Bloated Woman
mob look: A large, bloated woman paces the room.
mob desc: This disgusting Avatar of Nyarlathotep appears at a 600-pound, seven foot
tall female monstrosity with sickly yellow-gray flesh. Thick, rugose
tentacles sprout from the shoulders of the Bloated Woman. Smaller tentacle
grow from rolls of blubbery flesh. A pair of lovely female eyes adorn the
goddess' face and from below them waves another anemic tentacle. Five lump
chins, each sporting a mouth full of fangs, complete the ghastly face. She
wears a silk tunic of yellow and black.
Bloated woman is in an excellent condition.
comments: level 40 mob но не чармится.
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added: by Helxen , 09.01.2002 14:35 MSK