mob area: TH, Valley of the Great Ones
mob name: dweller
mob look: A dweller of the depths swings its many tentacles about.
mob desc: The thing has eight major arm-like appendages protruding from an
elliptical body, six of which are tipped with flipper-like protrusions, the
other two are tentacular. Four of the web-tipped legs are placed at the
lower end of the body, the other two are near the head. The oval, eyeless
head joins directly to the body. In place of eyes there is an abominable
sponge-like circular organ about the center of the head. Over it grows
something hideously like a spider's web. Below this is a mouth-like slit,
which extends halfway round the head, bordered at each side by a
tentacle-like appendage with a cupped tip. The half-gelatinous flesh is
transparent , revealing the mobile organs beneath the skin.
A dweller of the depths is in an excellent condition.
items found: ring of ancient evil

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