mob area: Lyme, Temple of Tony
mob name: kirre warlord tiger
mob look: An enormous feline creature is here practicing combat techniques.
mob desc: The colossal tiger standing before you is nearly thirty feet tall, and has
four sets of gigantic limbs with dagger like claws sticking out of his
paws. He resembles a great tiger with dark stripes, and a lighter base
color, but the two sharp horns protruding from his head, and a barbed tail
reveal him to be a kirre. He moves so quickly, it is difficult to
anticipate any direction change that he might make. This ferocious looking
beast wears a platinum chain overcoat, and a huge helmet with a rhinoceros
horn protruding from the center of it. This is no ordinary house-cat.
The kirre warlord of tigers is in an excellent condition.
items found: rhino horned helmet

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added: by Vrta , 10.01.2002 14:13 MSK