mob area: TH, Forest of Aaost
mob name: 3:avian guard banded jrontaun
mob look: A jrontaun here wears a band around his neck.
mob desc: Identical to others in his race, he nears six feet in height, measuring
from his small head that rests upon a flexible, long neck, to his dwarf
legs and dangerous hook-nailed claws. A vine-type band encircles his neck, which designates him to be one of the guard jrontauns that are known to assist each other. As he wanders the branches, he has no interest in others, unless he is called upon by his comrades.
A banded avian is in an excellent condition.

a banded avian is using:
wielded a sharp dusty branch
comments: wandering, assist other mobs
items found: sharp dusty branch

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added: by Mind , 11.01.2002 00:29 MSK