mob area: TH, Forest of Aaost
mob name: 3:avian guard jrontaun
mob look: An avian guard patrols the branches of the kingdom.
mob desc: Wearing a vine-type band around his neck, it clearly shows that he is one
of the many jrontauns that protects the kingdom. Previous intruders have
realized too late that these guards should be left alone for they battle in
groups. Like all jrontauns, his small head has a thorn-like beak. A
slender, almost graceful neck allows him to feed off higher branches. His
body is very large and top heavy and his wimpy wings could never cast him
into full flight but he is capable of flying short distances.
An avian guard is in an excellent condition.
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added: by Mind , 11.01.2002 00:37 MSK