mob area: TH, Forest of Aaost
mob name: 3:working avian jrontaun worker
mob look: An avian worker scratches away some lower branches. A working avian glows with a bright light!
mob desc: Concentrating on his work, this avian is one of the many jrontaun workers
that continually dig away the branches to enlarge the kingdom. Endurance
and vigor assist in his effort. He, like all avian jrontauns resemble
large, balloon birds with narrow, wimpy wings and long necks. His head
hangs lower than most other workers.
A working avian is in an excellent condition.
comments: wandering, cast: sanc+resist cold+resist fire+wb+armor+protection from evil+bless
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added: by Mind , 11.01.2002 00:53 MSK