mob area: BH, Were Area
mob name: Pooh werebear were bear
mob look: Pooh the Werebear is resting here after a day of werewolf hunting.
mob desc: Pooh the famous werebear explorer is relaxing in his home. He looks up
at your arrival and says, "Hello there, I hope you didn't have too many
difficulties getting here... those werewolves are always getting in the
way. I would show you a map of the land that I've explored, but the evil
Count Boarish has stolen it from me." Pooh's fur is a reddish brown,
darker at the sides. His fine clothing and definitely human hands look
very strange on a frame bigger than any natural bear.
Pooh the werebear is in an excellent condition.
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added: by Ferrum , 19.01.2002 00:08 MSK