mob area: AH, The Cliffs
mob name: woman crazy
mob look: (Red Aura)A woman squats before the open fire at a small bandit camp. A crazed woman glows with a br
mob desc: The woman appears ragged, her filthy clothes torn in places. Her flimsy
clothing looks like it would never be enough to stand such a cold climate.
Her redenned nose is running, her eyes puffy and swollen. She has clearly
not taken a bath or used a comb in a long time. When she hears someone
approaching, she turns around, hissing, in the direction of the noise,
before returning to her original position at the fireplace.
A crazed woman is in an excellent condition.
comments: 60k exps, dispellable, can flee
items found: topaz charm

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added: by Ferrum , 31.01.2002 22:58 MSK