mob area: SS, Barovia
mob name: witch ghost
mob look: *The ghost of a small woman mumbles as she makes arcane gestures.
mob desc: The ghost is a wispy replica of its living self. There is enough
cohesion to the aparition for you to be able to make out her features.
This ghost was a young woman, strikingly beautiful woman. Her hair was
long, curly and fiery red. Her eyes were a deep blue, and face was long
and somewhat oval. The ghost looks like it is wearing long white robes
which seem to cling to the woman's voluptuous frame. As you look on the
vissage changes and morphs into the form of a woman being burnt alive.
The ghost's form continues to shift in this manner and moves from
woman to cinder and back again very swiftly.
A witch's ghost is in an excellent condition.
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added: by Bazilus , 13.02.2002 17:59 MSK