mob area: SS, Barovia
mob name: sergeant barovia
mob look: A sergeant of the Barovian Guard stands watch over his town.
mob desc: This middle-aged man is dressed in a polished suit of chain armor. Over
the armor is the symbol of a black raven perched high on a mountain
peak. About his waist is a large leather belt with a silver longsword
and a small wooden mallet hanging from it. On his back, the man wears a
pack full of sharp wooden stakes. The sergeant's face is rough looking
with a few scars, and wrinkles. His dark hair is now dotted with streaks
of grey, and there is a look of sorrow behind his cold blue eyes.
A sergeant of the guard is in an excellent condition.
comments: wandering
items found: crumbling spellbook
crumbling spellbook
sharp wooden stake
sterling silver sleeves

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added: by Bazilus , 13.02.2002 18:08 MSK