mob area: SS, Barovia
mob name: tent tentmaker man gypsy
mob look: A gypsy sits on a small stool painting a tent.
mob desc: The tent-maker is a slight man of middle age, and stands out from most
gypsies because of his salt and pepper beard. The man's left arm hangs
limply at his side, and bears a long scar down its length. The tent
maker wears a bright tunic, and leather trousers with an apron over his
clothes to keep paint from spilling on them. He pauses his work for a
moment to look up at you, spit in your general direction, and to mutter a
'most vile curse upon you and your family'.
The tent-maker is in an excellent condition.
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added: by Bazilus , 13.02.2002 18:38 MSK