mob area: TH, The Fireworks
mob name: guard fireworks
mob look: A guard moves about the foundry, watching for thieves or intruders.
mob desc: The guard looks like he is not yet accustomed to the unbearable heat of
the foundry, his light blue shirt is drenched with sweat. His armor has
been specially designed for the heat: his padded shirt, leather pants and
closed leather vest have pieces of horn sewn on them, protecting the man
without making him slow. It is the kind of armor that one would expect
in the light cavalry of the steppe barbarians, rather than in the heavy
infantry of the so-called civilized lands.
A guard at the Fireworks is in an excellent condition.
comments: aggro, can scan and hunt
items found:

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added: by Ferrum , 11.04.2002 19:12 MSK