mob area: TH, The Fireworks
mob name: mage female controller elemental firemage
mob look: *A firemage concentrates deeply, controlling one of the elementals.
mob desc: Three things mark this woman as a mage: the strange, fixed position of
her hands, a look of total concentration and her vest. The vest could
be called a sleeveless robe: it reaches almost to her kness, its many
pockets bulging with the weight of unknown mystical components. It has
been decorated with several yards of ribbons and lace, not to mention
a lot of glittery runes. It is tied with several red ribbons at the front.
Other than that, the mage wears a wide sash and leather pants. The mage is barefoot, her toenails painted lemon green.
A firemage is in an excellent condition.
comments: invisible
items found: copper circlet

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added: by Ferrum , 11.04.2002 19:24 MSK