mob area: TH, The Fireworks
mob name: mage male elemental controller firemage
mob look: (red aura)*An elemental controller concentrates deeply.
mob desc: Three things mark this man as a mage: the strange, fixed position of his
hands, a look of total concentration and a pointy hat. The sequined,
runed hat is evidently a wizardly contraption, both because only a mage
can afford such bad taste and because the runes read 'wyzzard'. Other
than that, the mage wears a leather vest, a wide multicolored sash and
leather pants. The mage wears thick-soled sandals tied with red ribbons.
A firemage is in an excellent condition.
comments: wandering, aggro
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added: by Ferrum , 11.04.2002 19:35 MSK