mob area: Valkyre, Temple of Blaster
mob name: Xiamond Adamant
mob look: Xiamond born Adamant, the mortal incarnation of a god, is promenading about. Xiamond Adamant glows w
mob desc: He is the mortal incarnation of Blaster, and don't you forget that.
Although deprived of the memories of his godly days, and most of the power, Xiamond is quick, strong as a dragon and twice as smart. With body of a dancer, grace of a snake and muscles of a frost giant, he swings a mean blade. He plays a jet black blade, designed a two-handed weapon, one hand, and taps his cheek with a knife blade in his other hand.
Xiamond Adamant is in an excellent condition.
comments: permasanced
items found: blackened blade
black short sword

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added: by Ferrum , 17.04.2002 18:31 MSK