mob area: Valkyre, Chessboard
mob name: black queen woman
mob look: (Red Aura)The black queen commands her troops from here, barking out orders.
mob desc: Barely five feet tall, this woman is clearly of noble lineage and demands
respect with her gaze. Dressed in a finely woven black gown with a belt of
glistening gems, she stares imperiously around. Apparently in a less then
cheerful mood, she stamps her foot and claps her hands to demand attention. Her fine black hair is bundled up beneath a black crown, and she wears a necklace of dark emeralds. Taught muscles in her forearms also suggest a strength perhaps not readily apparent in her diminutive stature.
The black queen is in an excellent condition.
comments: wandering, caster
items found: belt of gems
A storybook of dragons

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added: by Ferrum , 17.04.2002 19:00 MSK