mob area: Valkyre, Tiger Glen
mob name: Rock Leviathan formation gigantic rocks
mob look: A formation of gigantic rocks bathes under the falling waterfall stream.
mob desc: A collection of various rocks stands almost hidden in the cloud of mist
created by the falling stream that splash upon the rocks. The grotesque
formation resembles a human, except for the size. Each of its four
enormous stone limbs consists of three ellipsoid shaped rocks. The head is
a larger rock in the shape of a skull and is of an irregular shape. At
waist level, a waistband of linked reddish encircles the body. The
creature stands under the falling stream, obviously enjoying the water,
with a soft rumble coming from deep within it's body.
Rock Leviathan is in an excellent condition.

comments: Rock Leviathan glows with a bright light!
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added: by Rhox , 19.04.2002 13:04 MSK