mob area: Valkyre, Tiger Glen
mob name: cobalt tiger
mob look: A cobalt tiger rests under the tree showing his fangs as he yawns lazily.
mob desc: A wildcat with the shining fur looks quite unusual. Unlike most of the
tigers, his fur is icy cobalt and is not striped. The cobalt furred tiger
is quite large too, twice the size of an average tiger. The sense of his
strength is almost tangible as he looks at you, rather undisturbed by
your approach. There is a strange star-like hexagonal shaped spot on the
fur of his front paw that his head rests on.
A cobalt tiger is in an excellent condition.
items found: cobalt fur cloak
spellbook with a red aura

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added: by Rhox , 19.04.2002 13:12 MSK