mob area: AH, Dark Dreams
mob name: kid desiccated unfortunate son undead
mob look: An unfortunate blacksmith's son begs for a merciful coup-de-grace.
mob desc: The dehydrated skin of this kid is pale yellow like old parchment: the
fragile membrane stretched too tightly over seared bones. Each movement of
the boy is followed by a creaking sound similar to that of dried leather.
Not an ounce of blood is left in his varicose veins, deep violet from the
lack of oxygen. Probably a victim of a vampiric feast, the boy is only
alive because powerful magical spells support his physical health; though
his mental stamina is long down the drain from the suffering he took.
A desiccated kid is in an excellent condition.
comments: perma sanc
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added: by Kamazoh , 26.04.2002 13:12 MSK