mob area: AH, Dark Dreams
mob name: kid bloodless disgusting creature undead
mob look: The bloodless kid clutches his hands, looking for a sword and a revenge.
mob desc: The disgusting creature looks like a man who has been tormented a hundred
years in hell, and put in a grave for another hundred years after. Yet
this is actually a boy, barely past his fifteenth birthday; one of the two
blacksmith's sons. The shadow of a being he is now, human wreckage
animated by sorcery and a will to survive. Yellow skin marked by tiny
bites, dried eyes hardly able to see, and bloodless flesh prove the boy to
have been on a dinner party of a vampire.
A bloodless kid is in an excellent condition.
comments: perma sanc
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added: by Kamazoh , 26.04.2002 13:17 MSK